Are you looking for an exciting addition to traditional yearbooks? Would you like to raise money for your school while providing an exciting media for memories to last your students a lifetime?

DVD Yearbook has the solution to make that easy for your school and high quality for your students.

We turn your high school photos into a fun DVD with music video montages that your students will enjoy forever.
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1. Advertise to Students

After you have reserved your order with DVD Yearbook, we will provide you with a customizable advertisement to hand out to students, hang on walls, or mail home to parents.

2. Sort and Submit Photos

Our step by step process will walk you through how to organize and submit your photos to us. You can either mail us a DVD, CD, or flash drive with all of your pictures and information. We've simplified the process so you don't need to learn any new software!

3. Enjoy Your DVD Yearbook!

Students will love their new DVD Yearbooks. Remember - all you need to do is select the photos and videos and we do the rest of the work! Get your popcorn ready!